My name is Sajid. I have always been interested in Islamic Art and specifically art inside the the Holy Rawda and Riyadh ul Jannah.

Having been in Saudi Arabia for nearly 2 years I started out building on my Arabic Language- which is still on going – the second hobby I took up and try to work on regulary is the study of calligrapy found inside the Two Holy Masajid. My knowledge of Islamic history has helped me but I realised how little I actually know about our glorious past.

I am also an avid fan of collecting, viewing and documenting old photographs and images of the Haramain pre 1924. To this end I have managed to view hundreds of photos stored in the King Abdul Aziz Public Library archives in Riyadh . Although it took me nearly 15 months to see the photos due to Saudi red tape and politics, I managed to view them.

The images were a wonderful reminder of a bygone age where the visitors to the Holy Grave would have been able to visit without being hassled and interrogated!

I hope you like this site and enjoy it, If you have any advice please inform me.

Your brother