chamber 3

This page will discuss the calligraphy on the sections ‘J’, ‘K’, and ‘L’.

We will also discuss the various other features of this side such as the Kufic squares that are found here as well the Holy Mehrab of Tahujjud that was built to commemorate the position where our Holy Master Sal Allahu alayhi Wasalam performed Tahujjud prayer.


Before we continue please see the image below that shows an  overview of the northern portion of the holy chamber:

Ravza 'nin ashabi suffa kismi

Another view of the southern portion:


Sections ‘J’ and ‘K’


The image above shows the first two sections on the northern side.

Please note one section is painted over whereas the other one is left for public view. Also the fact that various other unique and beautiful parts of the Holy Grills are covered up deliberately by book cases.

Section ‘J’


This is an interesting picture i took especially as you can make out the first words of the couplet i.e. the word ‘Inni’.

chamber 6 b

The original couplet written here was:

chamber 6 c

inni tawassaltu bi al-mukhtari ashrafi man
 raqa al-samawati sirri al-wahid al-ahadi

I have sought as my means the elect one, the noblest of any
that ascended the heavens, the secret of the Unique One

Section ‘K’


You will see that the section ‘K’ couplet can be seen.

The text is the following:

chamber 7

rabbu al-jamali ta`alallahu khaliquhu
fa mithlahu fi jami` al-khalqi lam ajidi

O Lord of beauty! Exalted is Allah Who created him,
for such as him in all creation I have never seen

Section ‘L

This is the last section on the northern wall.


The couplet reads:

chamber 8

khayru al-khala’iqi a`la al-mursalina dhuran
dhukhru al-anami wa hadihim ila al-rashadi

The best of creatures, the apex of Messengers,
the treasure of humankind and their guide to integrity!

Interesting features of the northern wall

As well as the calligrahy mentoined above, the northern wall has a number of important points to note. These show the love, honour and the people had who repaired, and managed the upkeep of the Holy Masjid prior to the saudi usurption of the Holy Hijaz.

Look at the image below:

chamber 9

 Please notice the:

  1. The red circles – these are beautiful Kufic squares. These are repeated around the Qibla Wall which we will study later InshAllah.
  2. The green box which is showing the book case is actually covering up the mehrab Tahujjud. The saudis with their limited intellect and forsight have seen it fit to cover the spot.
  3. The Orange oval is an image of the Haram e Makkah that was placed there to inform the onlooker of the direction of Qibla.

The Kufic Squares 

The Kufic square to right on the image above is :

I will try to get a clearer image soon InshAllah when i go next month to Madina.


The key to such Kufic squares is to start from the bottom right when reading them.

The following Kufic Square is to the left on the image above:


This square read the verse of salutation.

InAllaha wa malaikathuhu…………

To be continued Inshallah

The image of the Haram e Makki


I was always intrigued by what this image was when looking at the images on the internet. It wasnt until I purchased a digital camera that I could view these things in great detail!

The Mehrab of Tahujjud

Nestled in between the arches on the northern side is a place where the prophet SalAllahu alayhi wasalam would pray Tahujjud. He would pray this behind the home of Mola Ali and Sayedatuna Fatima Ridhwan Allahu anhuma. The Ottomans made a mehrab to commemmorate and venertae this place.

Please see the image below:

mehrab e tahajjud

I canot understand why such unique spots are covered up by the saudi authorities!