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I am attaching two maps I have produced  that detail the graves of the companions, family and some notable persons in the Holy cemetery in Madinah.

I am working on more maps to make the visitation of this holy cemetery more invaluable and more user-friendly.

If you have any suggestion please let me know.

I will be posting images of the grave yard – pre 1925 i.e. the images of the tombs indicating the graves of the holy personalities – InshAllah

What struck me the most when I used to see images of the cemetery was that I did not know who was buried here exactly. This sent me on a mission to uncover the images pre 1925 i.e. Before the Saudi/ Wahabi kingdom usurped the Holy Hijaz region.

My research has uncovered a lot of images that I wish to share with you.

We will look at the graves of some individuals first and then look at them collectively to give an overall view and spacial awareness of the holy resting places of such great personalities.

The grave of Hazrat Uthman  RadiAllahu Anhu

hajj 1924

The image below shows the grave of the great companion Hazrat Uthman RadiAllahu Anhu and the grave of Sayeda Halima Sadia RadiAllahu anhaa on the left of the image below. The image was taken in 1903:


SubhanAllah, please note of interest:

  • The number of smaller graves around the larger tomb.
  • The fact that tombs and elevated structures were built informs the reader of the history of grave construction in Baqi Al Gharqad and that it is not a phenomenon unique to Indians, Africans or Pakistanis!

The following image is of the present day grave of Hazrat Hazrat Uthman RadiAllahu Anhu:

uthman modern

The graves of the Ahlul Bayth – Alayhis salam

ahl bayt

This tomb structure was the largest within the cemetery of Baqi. It covered the holy graves of the following holy personalities:

  • Jafar sadiq Alayhis salam
  • Imam Baqer Alayhis salam
  • Imam Zain al abideen Alayhis salam
  • Imam Hassan Alayhis salam
  • Sayeda Fatima Salam Ullah hi Alayhaa
  • Hazrat Abbas Alayhis salam

Subhan Allah – wha a beautiful structure. May Allah shower his mercy and blessings on these holy members of the prophets holy household.

Compare the modern day view of this grave structure as indicated in the following aerial photo:


Please note:

  • The black letter ‘E’ marks the entrance to the cemetery.
  • The red arrow indicates the outline of the shrine we discussed above.
  • You can see the outline of the shrine with the boundary circular wall being shown – Mashallah.

The layout of the graves inside this tomb was as follows in the image below:

outline grave


25     Imam Jafar sadiq Alayhissalam

26     Imam Baqar Alayhissalam

27     Imam Zain ul abideen Alayhissalam

28     Imam Hassan Alayhissalam

29     Sayeda Fatima Zahra Alayhissalam

30     Hazrat Abbas bin abdul mutallib Alayhissalam

The following image is another clearer image of the holy graves:

outline grave b

A side view of the graves :

25     Imam Jafar sadiq Alayhissalam

26     Imam Baqar Alayhissalam

27     Imam Zain ul abideen Alayhissalam

28     Imam Hassan Alayhissalam

30     Hazrat Abbas bin abdul mutallib Alayhissalam

The grave of Sayeda Fatima Zahra Alayhissalam would essentially be behind the photographer in this position.

Overview of the Baqi with major Tombs

The following image shows with great clarity the position of the tombs, their spacial orientation and positioning with each other :


The tombs I believe are as follows:

  • A Tomb enclosure of the Ahle Bayt – please see above.
  • B Daughters of the prophet: Ruqiya, Zainab, Umm Kuthum Radwan Allah alayhim Ajmaeen.

This complex of graves is very close to each other. It is difficult to see visually separate them from this angle. Please see the various views below to get a better understanding of their spacial presence.

  • C Mothers of the believers

Ibrahim bin Muhammed

The present day grave image is as follows:


The grave of Hazrat Ibrahim bin Muhammed is also surrounded by the graves of other illustrious sahaba such as:

  1. Abdur Rahman ibn Auf
  2. Sa’d ibn Zarara
  3. Uthman ibn Math’oun
  4. Sa’d ibn Abu Waqaas
  5. Khunais ibn Hudhafa al-Sahmi
  6. Abdullah ibn Mas’ud



E. Abdullah bin jaffar thayaar and Aqeel bin abu talib Radwan Allah alayhuma Ajmaeen

1. Aqil Ibn Abi Talib Radi Allahu anhu – Brother of Mola Ali Alay hissalam. RIGHT hand grave in the image below.
2. Abdullah Ibn Jafar Attayar Radi Allahu anhu – nephew of Mola Ali Alay hissalam. LEFT hand grave in the image below.

Some say that the following person is also buried here – Allah knows best

3. Abu Sufyan Ibn Al-Harith Ibn Abdulmuttalib Radi Allahu anhu.

Present day grave:

aqil 1

Imam nafi’i, Imam malik Radwan Allah alayhuma Ajmaeen

malik and naf 2i

The image below was taken before 2013. You can clearly see the graves marked out in stone – especially the outlines in stone for both graves.

However the later image I took above shows the outline of stone to have been covered up!

malik and naf 3i

Hazrat Usman Radi Allahu anho

See above.

Halima Sadiya RadiAllhu anha


The following image shows another angle of the tombs above:


The image below shows the complex of tomb structures A, B, C and E.

You can gauge the proximity that the tombs were located to each other Subhan Allah:


If you compare the above image with the modern-day counterpart it is an identical match thus giving further weight to my findings:


The image below shows a number of interesting points:

A B C E b

  • Firstly the tight narrow pathways that lead to various tombs
  • The fact that the tombs for Imam Malik and Imam Nafi were separate as in Fi and Fii.
  • The fact that so much of Madina was still farmland used for cultivating dates
  • There were a number of entrances into the cemetery that have been shut down now and only one is used.

Another angle of Baqi al Gharqad

The following image is the opposite side of the image above i.e. with your back to the grave of Hazrat uthman ibn affan  RadiAllahu anhu:


Please note:

  • The notation I have used for the two previous images is the same for both images.
  • You can just about see the Holy green dome – Subhanallah
  • You can see the shrine complex labelled ‘I’ – this is the shrine that has within it the Aunts of the prophet peace be upon him i.e. Safiyah bint Abdul Muttalib, Atika , her sister, and some say Arwa, and Allah Ta’ala knows best.